Cholla (Opuntia varieties)


There are tons of species of Cholla found in the Southwestern Desert, and we take every opportunity to stock as many as possible. The most common varieties of Cholla usually found in our landscapes are Chain Fruit, Teddy Bear, and Cane (pictured) Chollas. This family of cacti are slow to moderate growers, which make them highly desirable for landscapers seeking to add predictable structure.

Cholla are very 'traditional' cacti and naturally store water within their structure, so growing Cholla requires very little, if any, irrigation. Cholla are popular for their large blooming flowers, which come in during late spring or after heavy monsoon rains during the summer. Most flowers are commonly bright yellow with 1-3 species per arm, however the flowers depend on species planted, and aren't always predictable.


Full sun

Drought tolerant