Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis)


Aloe Vera, widely known for its use in medicines and skin treatments, grows several long, upward curving green leaves with a distinctive colorful tint, and lined with short thorns along the sides. These leaves clump out of the center to form a wider reaching cluster, but only grow out a few feet, so they're easy to manage and place in desert style landscapes. Aloe Vera grows a coral bloom during the summer that compliments this plant's natural array of colors.

Aloe Vera is very drought tolerant and loves the full sun, but can also survive our coldest winter periods. While prized for its ever-growing uses in medicine, Aloe Vera is right at home Phoenix and very popular for desert style landscapes in both small and large scale plantings. Plant Aloe Vera in rows to really bring out the colorful effect.


Full sun

Drought tolerant