Argentine Toothpick (Stetsonia coryne)


Native to Argentina and Bolivia, the Argentine Toothpick is named for its nativity and the long, sharp 'toothpick' thorns it grows all over its flesh. The Argentine Toothpick usually propagates as a single stem with paddle-shaped arms extending out, extending the width and coverage of this cactus.

The Argentine Toothpick prefers being planted in the full sun, but will tolerate being planted in light shade. During the late spring or early summer, the Argentine Toothpick displays a large white bloom that's distinctive from the long thorns. While it looks dangerous, the Argentine Toothpick is a gorgeous example of desert wildlife, and is a fantastic addition to any desert style landscape. As you might imagine handling this can be tricky, so make sure to have us plant this one!


Full sun

Blooms Early Summer