Hercules Aloe (Aloe barberae)


Tree Aloe Hybrid (Aloe Hercules)

Originating from the coastal central Africa region and South Africa, this Tree Aloe Hybrid or Aloe Hercules offers impressive looks to go with its superior drought tolerance and versatility. A cross between the large Tree Aloe, Aloe barberae (A. bainesii) and the smaller Quiver Tree, Aloe dichotoma, this tree-like succulent can become the focal point of your cactus garden or desert landscape design. Beautiful green-tipped salmon flowers can appear sporadically from spring to fall. And, with minimal water and full sun, the drought tolerant Aloe Hercules plant can grow up to 30-feet and bring the "wow" factor to any landscape design.

While the plant itself is non-medicinal, having a few of these evergreen beauties in your garden can make you feel good. The beautiful rose-colored tint of the leaves as well as its attractive shape and style truly set this Tree Aloe Hybrid apart from the pack. Some people like to plant this Tree Aloe as small trees in their garden. However, its beautiful looks and features are easy to admire wherever you choose to plant it. Compared to other cacti, Aloe Hercules can grow moderately quickly. Easy maintenance keeps the plant looking beautiful and tidy, so simply remove dead leaves as the plant grows. Once established, infrequent watering is perfectly fine. Aloe Hercules is a sun worshipper and loves a good amount of heat, so feel free to expose this plant to full sun. As much as it loves the sun, it is also hardy enough to survive Southwestern winters.

If you are looking for a beautiful succulent plant that requires minimal care, is drought tolerant, and is sure to complement any landscape, this Tree Aloe Hybrid is a complete solution. Moon Valley Nurseries grows and nurtures on-site Aloe Hercules plants that will bring all of the benefits of this beautiful plant straight to your landscape.


Full sun

Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant

Easy to grow