Hercules Aloe (Aloe barberae)


Hercules Aloe is the largest Aloe variety that we have available in Arizona, these plants can grow up to 12 feet and reach a relatively wide diameter, so some people will even plant them as small trees. The Hercules Aloe retains the unique shape and color of Aloe plants, but on a scale that can be appreciated from anywhere in the landscape. The Hercules Aloe sports salmon color blooms during the spring that bring out the leaves' rose colored tint for added beauty.

Hercules Aloe grow moderately quickly when compared to other cacti, and require very little watering once their established. This Aloe will tolerate full sun to partial shade and is cold hardy enough to survive our winters, but absolutely loves the hot sun.


Full sun

True Arizona desert native

Loves growing in full sun, hot areas