Sticks of Fire (Euphorbia tirucalli)


Sticks of Fire, more traditionally called Fire Stick Euphorbia, are some of the most unique and wonderful desert native plant specimens around. Sticks of Fire have such a unique color and structure, it's practically a coral reef for desert landscapes. The Sticks of Fire maintain an orange and green color during most months, but turn fiery red in the winter, then returning to a lighter green in the summer. This color display is an unusual but welcome sight in the winter when most desert landscapes are lacking in extravagance.

Native to South Africa, Sticks of Fire grow at a medium pace reaching up to 6 feet tall. Plant Sticks of Fire in the full sun to get them looking their best. Once this Euphorbia is established, Sticks of Fire require little water or irrigation to achieve their full effect.


Large Arizona desert native shrub

Full sun