Old Man Cactus (Cephalocereus senilis)


The Old Man Cactus is one of the most unique looking species of cacti available in Arizona. The lightly colored cactus flesh is covered with white "hair" like growth that covers the length of the cactus that greatly resembles an old man's beard when looking closely. The unique color of the Old Man Cactus makes this cactus a popular choice when adding color contrast to desert landscapes.

During the late spring, and occasionally during fall, the Old Man Cactus blooms a bright pink to light red flower that looks amazing against the white background. The Old Man Cactus is very weather tolerant, but will look its best with periodic irrigation, especially during the summer. The Old Man Cactus' beard keeps it warm enough to thrive in our winters.


Produces big and bright pink blooms in summer

Low water-use