Steve Sanabria is one of our many expertly trained designers that prides himself on being able to turn any landscape idea into reality. Steve has been designing landscapes and working in the nursery industry for over two decades and brings unparalleled knowledge to Moon Valley Nurseries. Some of Steve's favorite designs start with a blank slate, he loves to be able to develop customers ideas into something spectacular.

Specializing in all landscape styles, Steve has incredible knowledge about all the plant material that is custom grown at Moon Valley Nurseries and will always be sure to recommend the best trees and plants for your yard. Is there a tree you just have to have? Well, Steve will know if it will fit in your landscape and where exactly the best place to plant it is.

Steve is a family man that recently started passing his passion for for the environment and landscape to his children. Together, him and his children planted a few trees in their Southern California home. They all helped in digging the hole, amending the soil, and placing the tree correctly in the perfect forever home. This is the type of legacy and memories that Steve wants to create with his family and we would love you to allow us to have Steve help you create your own legacy. Contact Steve Sanabria today at (760) 990-1079 and we can get your dream started.

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