Related to a variety of orange, the Tangerine is different due to its size, peelable skin, and overall juiciness of the fruit. A little bigger than a golf ball, the Tangerine is a fantastic snack and is just as fun to peel as it is to eat. The Tangerine is sweet tasting and is an excellent source of vitamin C. Tangerine trees are very easy to grow and are attractive trees that can be placed in most landscapes. There are several Tangerine varieties to choose from, but only a small number are recommended as excellent and reliable for our area. We’ve taken the guesswork out and only carry the best varieties for our area.

These varieties are the best to grow here in the Southwest. Stop into any Moon Valley Nursery and allow our experts to help you select the best trees for your yard

Arizona: Dancy, Clementine (Algerian), Fairchild, Kinnow, Fremont, and Satsumas

California: Satsumas, Clementine, Mandarin, and Sunburst Tangerine

Las Vegas: Satsumas, Clementine, Mandarin, and Sunburst Tangerine


A great landscape tree!

Allow to grow free form, too much pruning effects bloom cycles

Loves the heat