Cottonwood (Populus deltoides)


The Cottonwood Tree is one of the fastest growing trees in the West - it can grow up to six feet per year if given the proper water and care. The Cottonwood grows a wide canopy that provides lots of shade, making this tree well suited for pastures or as a windbreak on larger properties.

The variety of Cottonwood we stock is cotton-less, so you won't have to worry about the tree producing much litter year round. The Cottonwood has a short seasonal drop in early winter, after turning a bronze to golden yellow for a few months during the fall. The Cottonwood is a fantastic choice for fast-growing shade for landscapers that also want the seasonal fall effect of a color changing tree.


Fast growing

Produces a golden-brown fall color that feels very seasonal

Long time favorite for ease of growth

Popular along the streets of many cities