Grapefruit (Citrus × paradisi)


An extremely popular variety of citrus tree is the Grapefruit tree. These are used for many culinary uses from eating right off the tree to juicing and flavoring dishes. Their essential oils are used for calming aromatherapy and the rind of a grapefruit is extremely high in vitamins. The mighty Grapefruit tree also has many health benefits as well. Grapefruits are an excellent source of carotenoids and vitamin C, along with being a great source of pantothenic acid, copper, dietary fiber, potassium, biotin, and Vitamin B1. Eating grapefruits helps aid in digestion as well as been linked to possibly helping lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Grapefruit trees are fairly distinguishable between other citrus tree varieties. Grapefruit tree leaves have large winged petioles whereas other citrus do not. Also, Grapefruits are much larger and more yellow in size than their cousins the orange tree. A single grapefruit tree can produce up to 1500 pounds of grapefruits!

The juiciness of the Grapefruit rivals that of the orange and offers many of the same benefits. It is tart, tangy, and just sweet enough to be enjoyed on its own or used in your favorite dish or cocktail. The exceptional flavor of the Grapefruit spurned its Latin name, Citrus paradisi, for its flavorful link to paradise. There are several Grapefruit varieties to choose from, but only a small number are recommended as excellent and reliable for our area. We’ve taken the guesswork out and only carry the best varieties for our area.

Moon Valley Nurseries only grows the best local citrus trees at our farms for our customers. The absolute best varieties of grapefruits for the Southwest are:

Rio Red, Ruby Red, Oro Blanco and Marsh Seedless


A great landscape tree!

Allow to grow free form, too much pruning effects bloom cycles

Loves the heat