An extremely flavorful and tasty snack, the peach is a unique fruit in the sense that nothing else tastes like a peach except for a peach. When the peach reaches full maturity, the flavor of the peach provides a powerful mixture of sweet and sour tastes. The “skin” is firm and edible at the same time coming in a wide range of red to yellow shades. The peach’s skin becomes soft when chewed on and in the center there is a pit. Native to Northern China and cultivated for more then 2,00 years, the peach tree has become one of the most cultivated fruits in the United States. There are several varieties to choose from, but only a small number are recommended as excellent and reliable for our area. We’ve taken the guesswork out and only carry the best varieties for our area.

Arizona: Desert Gold, Florida Prince, and May Pride

California: Mid Pride, Desert Gold, Babcock, and Florida Price

Las Vegas: Desert Gold, Florida Prince, and May Pride


A great landscape tree!

Full sun

Easy to grow