Chitalpa (Chitalpa tashkentensis)


A hybrid of Catalpa and Desert Willow trees, The Chitalpa is recommended for those desiring a flowering tree with a soft and well-populated green canopy. Chitalpa trees stay at a medium size and work very well when planted either by itself or in rows. The Chitalpa is a flowering desert tree that is well adapted to California, so it's a great choice for adding green and flowering blooms to your desert landscape.

The Chitalpa grows very rapidly, producing a multi-trunk structure that branches out in a unique pattern, letting California landscapers achieve a one-of-a-kind look. Chitalpa blooms bring a vibrant and bright pink bloom during spring that can persist all the way through the fall. Chitalpas are a wise decision for just about any landscape application where green flowering trees are needed.


Very inviting soft, green landscape presence

Produces big and bright pink blooms in summer

Very tough plant in full sun and drought tolerant

Ornamental desert flowering tree works great in many styles