Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens)


The Ocotillo is a highly unique desert plant that derives its shape from several green-leafed stems that emerge from a common base, giving it a distinctly different look in any landscape. The Ocotillo is used in landscape design as both a focal point and an accent plant. The most admired quality of the Ocotillo is its red spike-shaped flowers atop the stalks of the plants that are very showy in summer months after rainfall.

A desert native, Ocotillos have low water and maintenance requirements, allowing this plant to be placed in areas where there is no access to irrigation lines or other systems. This adaptability makes the Ocotillo exceptional by allowing a creative and practical addition to any desert landscape.


Multiple stiff, slender stems that all come from one common base at ground level

Dark green leaves emerge following rain in warmer months

Bright red tubular flowers appear after spring and summer rains

Planted commonly as a natural fence line or barrier