Texas Ebony (Pithecellobium flexicaule )


The Texas Ebony is an outstanding tree that easily fits into any landscape. These sun loving, drought tolerant trees produce strong canopies during growth, making these burly trees able to tolerate strong winds. An exciting element of Texas Ebony trees is its twisting branches that give it personality and make it easily noticeable when it is placed among other trees.

Texas Ebony trees grow at a moderate rate, which make the canopy height easily controllable. These trees perform masterly in hot climates because they are native to the Chihuahuan desert and can accept a large variety of desert soils. Texas Ebony’s bloom a fascinating cream color during the spring to fall months


Outstanding tree for desert landscapes in the southwest

Unique twisting branches which appear fantastic at night in well lit area

Blooms a pretty cream colored flower in the spring to fall months