African Sumac (Rhus lancea)


African Sumac trees, a longtime favorite of water conscious nurserymen and homeowners alike, provide excellent greenery and shade throughout the entire year. Extremely water efficient, they're versatility includes low to medium formal hedges, tall dense screens and noise barriers. Medium to large specimens boasts broad, green canopy branches that arch outwards and combine with a unique trunk structure that give this tree a stately character and visual importance.

This tree’s ability to thrive even with minimal water as well as withstand stout winds makes the African Sumac a great choice for areas where weather durability is a concern. African Sumac trees have been used across the Southwest for more than 100 years to provide fast, hardy shade.


Superior drought tolerance

Provides vigorous green growth all year long

Easy to prune or shear into desired shape and form

Durable, thrives in intense desert heat, cold and able to withstand high wind