Chilean Mesquite (Prosopis chilenis )


The Hybrid Chilean Mesquite is the classic desert tree with a wide canopy of soft, bright green, fern like foliage covering dark, twisting branches. These Mesquite tree hybrids are very recognizable throughout the southwest and provide a dense umbrella of shade. They are known for being extremely drought tolerant and easy to grow in all landscape styles. Chilean Mesquite trees are also known for their quick growth and cooling shade.

Available with single or multiple trunks, our drought tolerant hybrids can fill many landscape needs with the versatility of being able to grow in open desert, transitional areas and even in lawns. Though always very similar, no two Hybrid Chilean Mesquites ever look alike, each one with a few twists and turns that make it unique from all others.


Dark, textured trunk contrasts well with bright green foliage

Thornless variety of Mesquite

Extremely durable specimens custom grown for Western climates

Tree bark fantastic for barbecue use