Tipu tree

(Tipuana Tipu)

The Tipu tree is an excellent shade tree that is easy to grow and provides a wide canopy umbrella. The Tipu is also a beautiful blooming tree that provides gold blossoms in spring and sometimes again in fall. This tree can grow in pretty much any type of soil, is durable and drought tolerant.

The Tipu tree makes a perfect addition to any style landscape and not only makes a beautiful focal point but can also help reduce energy cost with proper placement in your landscape. The foliage of this tree is a light green with fern-like leaves and has very lacy weeping boughs with an exotic overall appearance. In the landscape, it’s a great tree for quickly creating a canopy of foliage to cool your home, shade a patio, or protect other plants around it.

To create some great shade for your landscape take a look at the Tipu tree. Stop in today to speak with one of our nursery pros and allow Moon Valley Nursery to help turn your landscape goals into reality.