Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta)


Though the Sago isn't truly a palm tree, (it's a Cycad), it closely resembles a palm, so it's common uses are for tropical and semi-tropical landscape designs. It's smaller size make it a common choice for areas near sidewalks, entry ways, as courtyard accents and in tight areas around pools and patios. Initially the Sago resembles palm fronds stemming directly from the ground, but as the tree slowly grows, it produces a small trunk.

Sagos can be grown outdoors or indoors in full or partial sun locations. Sagos are great for planting in pots, near windows or doors, and anywhere light is above average. Sagos are great for year round planting!


Small, slow growing accent palm

Super clean, easy to grow and cold hardy

Performs exceptionally well in full sun environments

Wonderful for large pots and containers

Safety Information