Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta)


The Sago Palm is an extremely interesting type of plant, while most think by its common name that it is a palm tree the Sago is actually a Cycad, botanical name Cycas revoluta and is actually more closely related to a pine tree than it is a Palm tree. The Sago Palm has been around and relatively unchanged for over 200 million years, making it a living fossil! The Sago Palms at Moon Valley Nurseries are all custom grown by us and propagated from only our best specimens to ensure that all of our palms are of the highest quality.

Originating from the South Japanese islands of Ryuku and Nansei, the sago's growth pattern is very slow with elegant arching fronds stemming from the center of a trunk derived of older cut palm fronds. They are tolerant of cold and heat and can be grown in full to partial shade. They are extremely hardy and can grow for 100 years. They require minimal maintenance and the only pruning needed is to remove old leaves. The Sago Palm has many landscape uses and thrives from Coastal Southern California to the dry arid Southwest deserts. Sago Palms can grow great in ground or containers and can be planted in clusters to give a thick beautiful appearance. Due to their waterwise ability, Sago Palms work in all landscape styles from tropical oasis to xeriscape yards.

Readily available at all Moon Valley Nurseries, you can have a piece of history by planting your own Sago Palm in your landscape. Come in today and allow one of our nursery pros to help you select the best palm specimens for your yard!


Small, slow growing accent palm

Super clean, easy to grow and cold hardy

Performs exceptionally well in full sun environments

Wonderful for large pots and containers

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