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Proper Succulent Care for Our Arizona Customers

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Understanding How to Treat Succulents, Cacti, and Agaves

Moon Valley Nurseries is a respected nursery with locations in Arizona, California, Nevada, and Texas. Succulent care, as well as proper agave and cacti-growing techniques, are essential. We want to help. We've compiled a list of questions our customers frequently ask us about their plants. Our team believes growing plants is a rewarding and therapeutic hobby! Learning how to do so isn't difficult.

Why Are My Cacti Browning, Growing Mushy, and Dying?

You are overwatering your cactus plants. Keep in mind that cacti are desert plants. They evolved to exist in arid climates without much rainfall. For instance, your cactus can thrive on just a tablespoon of water per month during the cold months. One excellent way to tell whether you are overwatering is whether the soil dries. Do not water again until it dries.

Should I Move My Cactus Plant Outside During the Summer?

Cacti are desert plants, so they not only thrive in the heat and sun of the summer but require it. You don’t have to move a cactus outside, though. If you live in an apartment without space to store a plant outside, you can still set up the cactus by a window. One of the redeeming qualities of cacti is their resilience. After all, the desert is an unforgiving climate for any species.

How Do I Use an Existing Cactus to Create a New One?

Creating a new cactus plant is called propagating. The process is quite simple! First, you need to find a spot on your cactus not visible and carefully cut it. Then, dip the cut end into rooting hormone, which will prime the cacti. Finally, plant the burgeoning cactus piece in a small pot of fast-draining soil. Don’t worry if you don’t see immediate responses; cacti grow slowly.

Do Cactus Plants Bloom?

They do, but they require specific conditions to bloom. Don’t worry if none of your cacti have produced flowers. Cacti are resilient, but they are also fickle. You need to provide temperature fluctuations to your cactus plant (between a 20 and 25-degree variation between night and day.) You can feed your cacti low in nitrogen and high-potassium fertilizer to encourage the plant, too. If you pull your plant outside during the summer, be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight.

Why Have I Killed So Many Agave Plants?

First, don’t despair! Keeping an agave plant alive is a fun challenge. They are particular plants requiring quite a bit of care, and many things can go wrong. For instance, many agave owners expose it temperatures that are too hot or cold, fail to drain the soil, plant it too deeply, over-water, and don’t provide enough light. Moon Valley Nursery can provide you with an in-depth set of advice to help your agave plants flourish! 

Can I Propagate My Agave Plant?

Yes! Once you master keeping an agave plant alive, you can use the existing plant to create new opportunities. Much like with a cactus, propagating is a simple process. A flourishing agave has offsets. These mini-plants sprout at the base. To reproduce the plant, remove the offsets and let them sit out for a few days. This will dry them out and prepare them for planting. Don’t plant the offsets too deeply; this will prevent stem root.

If Agave Plants Love Outside Living, Why Did Mine Die?

It is true that agave plants naturally love living outside. But agave plants thrive in dry conditions, not humid ones. Our Florida customers should not attempt to grow an agave plant outdoors. Florida is too humid. Sometimes, plant owners decide to move the agave outside after it has grown accustomed to living inside. The move to the harsher outdoor climate kills it. Instead of moving your plant outdoors and leaving it, gradually introduce the plant.

Should I Immediately Put My Succulents in the Sun?

No. We grow our succulents in a greenhouse, and they are not used to direct sunlight. If you immediately expose the plant to sunlight, it will burn. Plants are incredibly adaptable, though. Instead of immediately putting it outside or next to a window, expose it to the sun gradually.

So, How Do I Water a Succulent?

Fortunately, someone has thought of a catchy, easy-to-remember golden rule for maintaining a healthy succulent. Water them when their soil dries. Never water wet soil. Too much water will kill your succulent. Your watering schedule should increase during the summer, but you should never deviate from this rule. Succulents, like all plants, require water. They just hate swimming in it!

Moon Valley Nursery Provides Enthusiastic and Expert Advice

At Moon Valley Nursery, we emphasize expertise and customer service in every customer interaction. Some of our clients order numerous plants from us, and they know how to care for their cacti, agaves, and succulents. But we get excited to share our knowledge with newcomers of the plant-growing hobby. Don't be intimidated! You’ll have a flourishing collection of houseplants in no time. Give our team a call today. One of our experts can help you pick a plant, provide more guidance, and set you on a rewarding path.