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Senegal Date Palm

Senegal Date Palm

Phoenix reclinata

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  • Add a distinct tropical look especially fitting around pools
  • Multiple curved, reclining trunks give a unique structure
  • Large fronds are wide reaching and create lots of shade
Senegal Date Palm
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Senegal Date Palm

Phoenix reclinata


The Senegal Date Palm is an elegant looking, resort style palm tree ready to adorn your landscape with a little slice of paradise. Native to Northeastern Africa, Moon Valley Nurseries is proud to offer the finest Senegal Date Palm specimens available anywhere in the Southwest. This striking, medium sized palm tree produces offshoots that form several picturesque curving trunks and feathered fronds that are sure to impress with their calming nature.

Have a tropical paradise in the comfort of your own backyard. Feel free to plant Senegal Date Palms around pools, water fountains, or with other palms and plants to create a picture perfect spot for reclining in a hammock. This palm tree inspires a relaxed mood, in fact, its name, Phoenix reclinata, is derived from the reclining, curving nature of the palm's wide reaching fronds. These wide reaching, dark green to yellow-green feathered fronds can create lots of shade, too.

Senegal Date Palms thrive in full sun environments and are also a good choice for seaside planting. It is a fast grower with proper fertilizer and requires low to moderate water once established. Be sure to plant with Moon Valley Nurseries Super Charged Moon Juice and All Natural Planting Mulch for spectacular results and explosive growth!

The unique structure of this Senegal Date Palm tree provides the tropical look and feel that many homeowners desire. The colorful date stalks look especially impressive when planted under a balcony or other elevated viewing platform. Its graceful form and spectacular feathered palm fronds look magnificent with night lighting. Create dramatic effects whether you light this Senegal Date Palm from behind or below.

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  1. There is no better statement palm
    In my youth, I worked as a landscape designer and had the privilege of planning many landscaping projects. First of all, the designers at Moon Valley Nurseries are the real deal. They have a fantastic eye for creative design and have the knowledge to back it up. I worked with their team at Palm Paradise to pick out a statement piece for my driveway entry. The Senegal Palm we chose was impeccable. It is now the core of my entire landscape design. Their planting team was highly efficient and absolutely nailed the planting. Thank you Moon Valley Nurseries, you have my vote!

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