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Dioon Palm

Dioon Palm

Dioon spinulosum

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  • Fast grower
  • Not actually a palm!
Dioon Palm
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Dioon Palm

Dioon spinulosum

  • Other common name is Giant Dioon, Gum Palm
  • One of the tallest cycads in the world!
  • Use them indoors or out
  • A fast-growing cycad

From the rocky, limestone evergreen forests in Mexico, comes the Dioon Palm, the largest American cycad that can live for centuries! They are also recognized by their botanical name, Dioon spinulosum, and these are some of the tallest cycads you will find anywhere! This evergreen has a large crown and features shiny and stiff, light green pinnate leaves that add an exotic and formal touch to any landscape. They are often used to substitute for a palm because of their palm-like features, so we also like to plant them as a focal point in any size yard. In fact, they are ideal for any area where space is limited!

The Giant Dioon prefers to grow in a spot with full sun, partial sun, or filtered shade exposure. If you plan to use this easy-to-grow cycad indoors, we recommend placing it in a brightly lit spot or grow one in a decorative pot and put it on a porch or deck! Once established, these very low-maintenance plants will have little to moderate water requirements '“ no green thumb needed!

No cycad collection is complete until you have a Dioon spinulosum! Moon Valley Nurseries grows and nurtures these 'living fossils,' and has cycads for sale in a variety of sizes. Buy big if you want to create a natural-looking landscape today or buy them young, where these ancient plants will be enjoyed for generations to come (wild specimens have been estimated to live between 500 to 1000 years old!)

A beautiful landscape awaits! All you need to do is handpick the perfect Dioon Palm for the perfect spot in your yard and relax while the Moon Valley professional planting crew does the job!

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