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Camphor Specimen

Camphor Specimen

Cinnamomum camphora

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Dense shade tree perfect for any landscape
  • Great for year-round privacy, especially when planted in rows
  • Clean, low-maintenance tree with a lovely fragrant foliage
  • Evergreen
Camphor Specimen
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Camphor Tree

Camphor Tree, Cinnamomum camphora, is a common, large evergreen shade tree that looks fantastic when planted on lawns or as curbside planting. Native to Japan and China, Camphor thrives in full sun and will require low water once established. Its drought tolerance makes it an excellent addition to any Southwestern landscape. In fact, this beauty thrives in humid areas, such as Texas and parts of California.

Since the Camphor tree can take some time to grow, Moon Valley Nurseries recommends starting off with a big tree. Our nurseries have a large inventory of bigger trees ready for delivery and planting! Once a mature tree is planted in your landscape, you will be able to enjoy the shade provided by its lush, dense green foliage and wide canopy spread. Families will love a mature Camphor specimen for a variety of reasons. This is the type of tree where you might find initials carved into the bark. Specimen trees are great for climbing, picnicking, or attaching a tire swing. Small wildlife loves this tree, too!

Many homeowners rave about the new foliage colors of pink, red or bronze that adds an attractive contrast with the old foliage growth. Besides its good looks, the Camphor tree also produces fragrant yellow flowers that bloom profusely in late spring. The flowers are not the only fragrant part of this Camphor tree. Some people love to crush the glossy, waxy leaves to take advantage of the therapeutic aroma the leaves induce.

Shade, privacy, attraction - it is easy to see why the Camphor is such a common tree used in landscapes throughout the Southwest! Plant this beautiful specimen in your landscape and enjoy the many benefits it can bring to the senses and your property! Moon Valley Nurseries features vibrant, healthy specimens ready to be the focal point in your landscape. We do what no one else does - we custom grow our trees from our premium quality specimens, so we can assure their superior quality! You buy it, we deliver and plant it!

  • Evergreen tree
  • Shade tree
  • Low maintenance
  • Fragrant foliage - said to provide therapeutic benefits
  • Excellent for planting in rows to make a privacy hedge
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