Piru Queen Palm

Piru Queen Palm

Arecastrum romanzoffianum

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  • Custom grown to be extra hardy in heat or cold!
  • Thicker trunks, fuller crowns and loves full sun
  • Extremely durable specimens custom grown for Western climates
  • 200,000 PALMS IN STOCK NOW
Piru Queen Palm
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Piru Queen Palm

Syagrus romanzoffiana 'piru'

Queen Palms are a staple across landscapes in Southern California and the Southwestern United States. Our majestic Piru Queen Palms bring a tropical look and feel to any landscape, whether lining neighborhood streets or grown in your very own backyard tropical paradise. Grown purely from superior Argentine seedlings with better genetic traits, these Moon Valley Nurseries Piru Queen Palms are at the top of the class in the queen palms family due to their superior durability and grand appearance. Piru Queen Palms feature thicker and harder trunks as well as greener palm fronds and fuller crowns than other Queen Palms do.

Exposed to hot summers, cold winters and windy days, these palms are custom grown in our Moon Valley Nurseries farms to be extra hardy in heat or cold weather. Growing Queen Palms in this environment helps to produce a palm that is better acclimated to both extreme heat and cold, and ready to adorn your landscape. Piru Queen Palms combine superior durability and appearance with familiar Queen Palm characteristics such as a fast growth rate, cream to yellow flowers, and the classic feather palm tree look with 10 to 15-foot fronds.

Able to grow up to 35-feet high, these palms are evergreen and thrive in full sun, heat, or cold exposure. Very low water requirements make this an excellent choice for drought-stricken areas, such as Southern California landscapes. Feel free to have one planted out front or in your backyard for an instant tropical look. Piru Queen Palms are a focal point anywhere you have one planted and will complement a wide variety of architectural styles. Occasional seasonal trimming, such as removing dead fronds, will help to keep the majestic look of Piru Queen Palms intact all year round.

Moon Valley Nurseries is the only grower of superior Piru Queen Palms. We have thousands of the best Piru Queen Palms for sale right now! Come to visit our Moon Valley Nurseries locations today and see these majestic beauties for yourself!

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