Pygmy Date Palm

Pygmy Date Palm

Phoenix roebelenii

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  • Visually appealing in many landscape styles
  • Most popular selling dwarf palm
  • Perfect around pools, patios and courtyards
  • Wonderful for large pots and containers
  • 180,000 PALMS IN STOCK NOW
Pygmy Date Palm
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Pygmy Date Palm

Phoenix roebelenii

When it comes to filling up those tight spaces in your landscape or even that empty space between your bigger palm trees, an ideal palm for use in our area is the Phoenix roebelenii, also known as the Pygmy Date Palm.

At Moon Valley Nursery, we have custom grown all of our Pygmy Date Palms from our best specimens at our farms across the Southwest. Our climate and special Super Palm Juice fertilizer generates thicker trunks, fuller crowns, and more robust roots for the Pygmy Date Palm. This separates our Pygmy Date Palms from others you might see at other nurseries. Ours look better, grow healthier, thrive in hot full sun, and are more cold hardy than typical Pygmy Date Palms.

Pygmy Date Palms can be used in many landscape applications. Depending on your need, we carry both single and multi-trunk varieties. Its versatility and dwarf growth pattern allow it to be planted in tight spaces around pools, patios, courtyards, and in pots. The Pygmy Date Palm can also be grown in the shade and its roots are non-invasive. This allows it to be a fantastic option for planting under or in between larger palms, or in a cluster.

Hailing from Southeast Asia, Pygmy Date Palms are one of the cleanest palm varieties. They require minimal maintenance and only need to be pruned when the soft, bright green foliage turns brown. They require minimal water and are a slow growing palm. they are also adaptable to a wide range of soil.

Here at Moon Valley Nurseries, we have custom-grown all our Pygmy Palms to handle the arid climate and soil of our region. We have thousands of the best Pygmy Palms for sale, so stop your local Moon Valley Nursery and come see these tropical beauties today!

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