Granny Smith Apple

Granny Smith Apple

Malus domestica 'Granny Smith'

  • Low Chill, Self-fruiting apple
  • Notably crisp sweet-tart flavor
  • Rich green fruit color
  • Nearly round shape
  • Eat fresh or multiple culinary uses
Granny Smith Apple

Initially from New Zealand, this apple thrives in our warmer climate. The fruit is medium-sized but prolific in numbers. Rated as the best apple for baking, Granny Smith apples are excellent to eat right off the tree too. Some folks like to shake a touch of salt on them as well.  In addition, all apples are known for providing multiple essential vitamins, fiber, and antioxidant qualities. Granny Smith apple trees are self-fruiting, so you only need one tree to enjoy these great apples from your own garden. Look for fruit ripening by late summer in most areas.  

Growing your own fruit means you oversee how they’re cared for. You'll feel better knowing exactly where your food is produced plus get the sense of pride that comes with growing your own!  At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have the citrus and fruit trees you want to get started on an edible producing landscape. So, get growing your own today and taste the difference!

Granny Smith apple trees are amazingly easy to grow. They enjoy full sun exposure (some afternoon shade’s ok too) and once established, require only moderate watering for a fruit tree. Apple trees provide more than just nourishment. Granny Smith apple trees grow to an ideal medium to large size so they’re perfect in nearly all landscapes. In addition, they can be used to provide moderate shade for a garden and don’t forget the amazing apple blossoms you’ll get in Spring.

You’ll enjoy apples galore with a Granny Smith tree. Come to visit any of our Moon Valley Nurseries and our professionals can help with an apple tree or an entire orchard! Be sure to maintain optimum health for all your trees, plants and more with Moon Valley’s custom-blended fertilizers and nutrients like Moon Dust, Supercharged Moon Juice, Moon Green and more.

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