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Have general questions about trees and plants? Look no further than the Moon Valley Nurseries' How-To Library. We are always adding new guides and How-Tos to try and help enhance your Moon Valley Nurseries experience so keep checking back.

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Moon Valley Nurseries How-To

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Growing Season Tree and Plant Guide 

Planting a tree is one of the best ways to help the planet, but the process comes with... Learn More

Proper Planting Steps Guide 

Many trees come with a burlap sack tied around the root. You should never... Learn More

How To Avoid Creating Air Pockets When Planting

While plants require oxygen to grow, roots do not expand through them. Also, an air pocket will prevent... Learn More

How To Avoid Tree and Utility Conflicts

Most of the time, you never have to pay attention to utilities and power lines. We tend to ignore them and forget that they provide... Learn More

What to Know Before Planting a Tree or Plant

We all love trees, the shade they give, the strong presence they create, and the life they provide for us. Trees lower stress, grant us oxygen, and... Learn More

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