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MVP Tree Maintenance Program


MVP Tree Maintenance Program

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Interested in learning more about our MVP Tree Maintenance Program?
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Why choose the MVP Tree Maintenance Program? 

  • Moon Valley Nursery has been in the business of growing and maintaining trees in our climate for over 20 years.
  • Over this time, we have developed tried and proven techniques to encourage optimal growth habits for millions of thriving trees.
  • We are offering these services to ensure every tree that we have been growing from seedling/cutting continues to thrive once it is planted in your yard
  • It also gives you, the customer, the unique opportunity to have a Tree Care Professional in your yard 3 times a year where they can give you a first-hand diagnosis of how your tree is growing in your specific landscape conditions.

What comes with the MVP Tree Maintenance Program? 

  • Three separate visits by a Moon Valley Nursery Tree Professional during the first 12 months the tree is planted. These three visits will coincide with the three growing seasons of the year:
    • February (Wake up and grow)
    • June 15-July 15 (Thrive, don’t just survive)
    • September (Keep growing all fall)
  • Customers will be responsible for calling Moon Valley Nurseries to schedule their service at least 2 weeks prior to the requested service date - 888-589-0092
  • During these visits, a variety of services will be performed to promote optimal growth habits for your trees. These services may include (10 Point Inspection):
  1. Inspect Soil Condition/Water Penetration
  2. Inspect Tree Well for Proper Water Retention
  3. Discuss Proper Watering Schedule with Customer for Seasonality (Adjusting Drip/Irrigation Systems NOT Included*)
  4. Fertilization (Proprietary Blend with Furst Liquid Technology)
  5. Disease Inspection
  6. Pest Inspection
  7. Trunk Wrap/Painting Check
  8. Inspect Trunk Caliper/Strength and Remove Staking (If Necessary)
  9. Tree Canopy Inspection
  10. Tree Trimming/Pruning (If necessary)  

When can the MVP Tree Maintenance Program be purchased? 

  • In order to get the program's discounted prices, you must purchase the maintenance program at the same time as the trees are purchased. 

Terms and conditions:

  • In order to purchase the MVP Tree Maintenance Program, the customer must also purchase an extended warranty on the tree it is purchased for.
  • If a customer purchases multiple trees that are the same size and type, he/she must purchase an MVP Tree Maintenance Program for all like trees on that invoice.  For example, if the customer is purchasing 5 Huge Evergreen Ash trees, and he/she wants to get an MVP Tree Maintenance Program, the customer must buy 5 Maintenance Programs, one for each tree.  No Exceptions.
  • There will be no prorated refunds on any Maintenance Programs bought by the customer.
  • Unless otherwise stated above, this program includes all of the terms and conditions as stated on the back of the original purchase invoice.
  • Customer is entitled to 3 separate maintenance visits per year, but only one visit per growing season (February, June 15-July15, September)
    • It is the customer’s responsibility to call in and schedule each appointment during that time frame


  • While our Tree Care Professional will gladly assist with informing you of how much water and how often to water your trees depending on the season, we ARE NOT responsible for programming ANY watering/irrigation systems.

Super MVP Maintenance


Huge MVP Maintenance


Block MVP Maintenance


Giant MVP Maintenance


B Spec MVP Maintenance/ C Spec MVP Maintenance


E Spec MVP Maintenance/

Date Palms > 10ft CT


The prices above are per tree. Minimum maintenance program purchase required of $300