Pink Trailing Verbena

Pink Trailing Verbena

Verbena x hybrida

  • This Verbena stays very low and is perfect for filling any barren area in your landscape with a unique carpet of pink color!
Pink Trailing Verbena
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Pink Trailing Verbena


  • Unique carpet of color
  • Light, lacy ground cover
  • Stays very low
  • Periodic blooms Spring through Fall
  • Easy to grow and relatively care free

Pink Trailing Verbena stays very low and is perfect for filling any barren area in your landscape with a unique carpet of pink color! These Verbena plants are an essential part of any blooming garden. The dark green foliage and mass of pink flowers that appear periodically from spring through fall make them a perfect addition to any rock garden, as an edging or in big hanging baskets. The flowers are sure to attract butterflies, so give this plant room to spread and enjoy the scene. A quick and easy way to add curb appeal to any size landscape!

Everyone that plants Pink Trailing Verbena knows just how easy they are to grow and maintain. These almost care free plants are vigorous and thrive in an area with full sun exposure. They are tolerant of heat and sun, and once established is drought tolerant with little to moderate watering needs. These are fast growing Verbenas that do the job of covering up areas with beauty, quickly! Applying fertilizer in the spring helps, so be sure to pick up the fertilizer for all your landscaping needs at Moon Valley Nurseries. We have the perfect fertilizers available for treating Houston's dense soil.

We love that there are so many uses for Pink Trailing Verbena. Plant them in your garden with other colorful plants, trees and shrubs and your yard will be ablaze in eye-catching colors! Their creeping habit makes them an excellent choice for hanging baskets too!

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