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Variegated Smooth Agave

Variegated Smooth Agave

Agave desmettiana -v- marginata

  • Variegated Rosettes - Green & Creamy Yellow Edged
  • Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant
  • Full to partial sun
Variegated Smooth Agave
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Variegated Smooth Agave

Agave desmettiana -v- marginata

Variegated Agave desmettiana commonly referred to as variegated Smooth Agave because of its spineless leaves makes this a softer choice to plant in any landscape style. The long dark green leaves contrasted by yellow edges will curl upwards giving it a tighter rosette style appearance. These succulent agaves are a water-wise as well as fire-wise planting choice. Agave desmettiana var. also work well in rock gardens, pots, planters or as stand-alone succulents. These agaves grow to about 3-5' tall as well as wide and require minimal care once established, simply cut off old leaves as new ones grow in, sharp garden shears work best for this job.

Variegated Smooth Agave are fairly hardy withstanding temperatures below freezing and will grow well in full to filtered sunlight. These particular agave like to be planted in a more well drained soil, one trick to do this in clay soil is to be sure to dig deep enough to add a few inches of sand and rock to the bottom of the hole, this will help drain excess water during periods of heavy rain. Moon Valley Nurseries has been growing succulents for over 25 years and have hundreds in stock. Please stop into your nearest Moon Valley Nursery and allow our experts to help you select the best succulents for your yard.

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