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Purple Lantana

Purple Lantana

Lantana sellowiana

  • Covers the ground quickly with a mass of beautiful lavender flowers from spring through fall. Great along streets, driveways and on slopes and embankments.
Purple Lantana

Purple Lantana

Lantana sellowiana

  • Also called Lantana montevidensis
  • Other common names include Trailing Lantana, Weeping Lantana, Creeping Lantana, Small Lantana, and Trailing Shrubverbena
  • Trailing ground cover that spreads fast
  • Aromatic foliage
  • Low Maintenance
  • Blooms Spring thru Fall

Purple Lantana is a perfect evergreen ground cover for anyone looking to add a big splash of color to their landscape. That is because Lantana sellowiana (botanical name) covers the ground quickly with a mass of beautiful lavender flowers, and this spectacle appears from spring through fall! Native to the tropical regions of South America and Africa, the massive bloom is one of the key features of this plant. We like to plant them along streets, driveways, on slopes and embankments, and anywhere that could benefit from a blaze of purple color! The dark green foliage of Lantana contrasts beautifully with the flowers, and their fast spreading growth habit makes them ideal for covering unsightly curbs, retaining walls, and utility boxes!

Trailing Lantana is easy to grow and is a low maintenance plant. They thrive with full sun exposure and once established, is drought tolerant with little to moderate watering needs. They are fast growing too, so you will not be waiting too long before the full effect takes place, which is its ability to cover up areas quickly with beautiful foliage and flowers! These plants are also useful in pots and hanging baskets. We like to plant them with Red Yucca, Cordyline and Hibiscus among others for a bright and cheery garden that adds curb appeal and interest to any size property.

Moon Valley Nurseries has everything you need to increase property value with a beautiful landscape. We are the growers so that we can offer a broad range of trees, shrubs and other plants in a variety of sizes. We assure the quality of everything we grow!

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