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Japanese Privet (Ligustrum japonica)


Japanese Privet (Ligustrum japonicum)

  • Awesome: Low Maintenance AND Flowering
  • Blooms: White in the Spring
  • Resistant: To Pests, Disease, Drought

Japanese Privet Plant Details

The evergreen Japanese Privet has large, deep green foliage and insignificant light blooms of white flowers in the late spring. The Japanese Privet is a very hardy and fast-growing shrub. It can grow into a medium to large shrub, up to 10 ft. tall with a spread of about 6 ft. wide. The landscape uses are almost endless with this shrub! It is very durable in the desert heat and cold hardy in the winter, once the roots are established through deep watering.

Japanese Privet Basic Care

After it reaches the desired height and spread they are fast growing and may require trimming several times per year to maintain the desired shape for your landscape. We recommend trimming in Spring for optimal health. Trimming top foliage will allow sunlight to the bottom branches and increase their strength and health.

Plant in well-drained soil and water deeply, when needed, to establish deep roots. Once established, these shrubs require little water. However, deep watering sessions will allow for faster overall growth. Japanese Privets do not like standing water so make sure you are paying attention and not overwatering the roots.

Japanese Privet Landscape Uses

Due to its hardiness and growing capacity, the Japanese Privet is an extremely versatile shrub. It can be used as a short property border hedge, as an entryway hedge leading to the front door, or as a tall privacy hedge that blocks out everything from street noise to pesky neighbors. This shrub can be trimmed to keep a classic formal appearance, but it looks just as great when left with asymmetrical natural growth.

For an experienced green thumb, this is one of the best plants to use when creating topiary landscapes in your yard. The designs are endless with topiary from fun geometric shapes to detailed shapes of animals or people.

The Moon Valley Nurseries Difference

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer vibrant and healthy plants that are ready to provide added value and instant beauty to your home. We also offer a free VIP design consultation at all of our nurseries with an expert landscape designer to turn your ideas into a gorgeous reality.


Fast growing

Medium to large growing evergreen shrub

Full to partial sun

Cold Hardy