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African Boxwood (Myrsine africana)


African Boxwood

Myrsine africana

  • Also called Cape Myrtle and Thakisa
  • Medium-sized evergreen shrub
  • Useful privacy hedge
  • Water wise
  • Small, glossy, dark green, aromatic leaves
  • Cut foliage is attractive in arrangements
  • An excellent plant for hot and sunny locations
  • Withstands air pollution

Native to the Azores, Africa, the Himalayas, and China, African Boxwood is a medium-sized evergreen shrub that works great as a privacy hedge. Its botanical name is Myrsine africana, and its erect-growing dark red stems are closely set with small dark green, glossy, aromatic leaves that can block unwanted views and create an attractive border. These shrubs are an excellent plant for topiaries or shearing, too! Enjoy the landscape scene as it puts on a show when it matures – new growth emerges tinged with red before turning to a deep glossy green color.

The African Boxwood shrub can withstand air pollution, so it is suitable for adding greenery and privacy to urban landscapes! It’s a water-wise plant, so once established, it will need only occasional watering. They thrive in hot and sunny locations and can handle seacoast conditions, too. Feel free to prune it annually for a tidy and neat appearance. This is an excellent evergreen for our area – it tolerates most any well-drained soil.

An African Boxwood is a welcome addition to any landscape. They are easy to maintain, slow-growing evergreens. These plants are an ideal companion to Desert Willow and Chilean Mesquite, too! They are also one of the best small shrubs you can find for a shade garden.

Moon Valley Nurseries custom-grows African Boxwood in our local climate so that we can assure that they will thrive in your landscape. We have the companion plants that can take any landscape to the next level, ask us how! Visit your nearest Moon Valley Nursery location and allow our nursery pros to help you select the perfect shrubs, trees, and other plants! We do the work!


Medium sized shrub great for hedges and near buildings.

Shiny dark green stiff foliage

Water Wise - Ultra drought tolerant