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False Mexican Heather (Cuphea hyssopyfolia)


False Heather (Cuphea hyssopifolia)

  • Originated: from Mexico/Guatamala
  • Flowers: in purple, pink, or white
  • Also known as: Mexican Heather

False Heather Details

Originating from Central America, this shrub is a semi-evergreen perennial that can grow up to 2 feet tall and 4 feet wide. The False Heather plant has small skinny green foliage with small pink flowers. While it blooms heaviest during the summer and lasts quite a while, flowers are almost always visible on this plant throughout the year.

This is a fast-growing plant often kept in a compact shape, especially if planted in pots or containers. This low maintenance plant is often mistaken for a plant in the heather family based on its appearance, which is how it ended up being named ‘False Heather’.

False Heather Basic Care

The False Heather plant should be planted in an area that offers decent sun exposure but can also get some shade to cool down. It will need moderate watering to maintain even moisture around the root but not too much water that it leaves standing water.

It may need longer watering schedules during the summer season. A big reason to make sure that this shrub gets optimal water during the warmer times of the year is because it blooms in the summer. This will ensure that it is producing at full capacity for its bloom cycle.

False Heather Landscape Uses

Because of its small size and upright growth structure, False Heather can fit anywhere you need some different texture, unique foliage, or a little splash of colorful flowers. This a great shrub to plant for general garden use like shade gardens or Japanese-inspired gardens. It is also a great plant for mass planting to add greenery to areas of your landscape or border planting to create interesting design lines in your yard. These also do great when planted in containers or pots for patios, decks or entryways.

The Moon Valley Difference

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer vibrant and healthy plants that are ready to provide added value and instant beauty around your home. We also offer free design consultation at all of our nursery locations with an expert designer to make your landscaping goals a reality!


Small evergreen shrub

Covered in tiny light purple flowers in spring and fall

Excellent in planters and beds

Use in borders and rock gardens