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Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea)


Golden Bamboo (Phyllostachys aurea)

  • Also Known as: Fishpole Bamboo
  • Environmentally Friendly: Releases 30% more oxygen than most trees
  • Award Winner: Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Merit

Golden Bamboo Details

Golden Bamboo grows fast and tall, which makes them perfect for adding an attractive lush privacy screen to block out unwanted views! They feature dense branches of dark green evergreen foliage on thick, polished, yellow colored canes. The canes are usually green at first but turn yellow with full and partial sun exposure.

As the plant ages, the canes will slowly start to turn into a golden orange hue. The canes can grow between 6 and 25 feet, depending on how much sunlight they receive. Flowers are usually not produced; however, they can appear intermittently every few years. This aesthetic also makes them a favorite for Asian inspired gardens, as well as any tropical themed landscape design.

Golden Bamboo Basic Care

Once established, Golden Bamboo becomes a super low-maintenance plant. They grow best in full to partial sun and in well-drained soil. The soil is an important factor for Golden Bamboo, especially for younger plants. They should be planted deep in soil that will stay moist because they love water.

Make sure to pay attention to them in the warmer months of the year as they will need more water due to our high temperatures. While they thrive in moist soil, they are drought-tolerant. Fertilizing should be done at least once a year in spring.

Golden Bamboo Landscape Uses

Native to the east coast of China, Golden Bamboo are prized for their foliage, where we often plant them as hedges, wind barriers, and even as useful sound barriers in landscapes near busy streets. We love the way the canes sway beautifully in the wind, creating their own unique wind chime sound. Golden Bamboo is a must-have for anyone looking to create a garden oasis.

This plant can create a beautiful backdrop for more colorful shrubs to be planted in front as accent pieces. When used as a privacy fence, it can help keep your back or front yard nice and private. Some people love to grow Golden Bamboo in tubs and containers. When grown this way, they will only grow to 8 feet high at most. If grown indoors, spray the foliage regularly and fertilize monthly with a small amount of liquid fertilizer, such as Moon Valley Nurseries’ Moon Juice.

The Moon Valley Difference

At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer vibrant and healthy plants that are ready to provide added value and instant beauty around your home. We also offer free design consultation at all of our nursery locations with an expert designer to make your landscaping goals a reality!


Running bamboo that spreads rapidly

Fast growing, tall bamboo used for screens and large accents.

Grow in full sun to partial shade