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Knock Out® Roses (Rosa ‘Radrazz’)


Knock Out® Roses

Rosa ‘Radrazz’

  • Texas Rose
  • Rapid grower
  • Use in any landscape style
  • Disease resistant rose

Knock Out® Roses, botanical name Rosa ‘Radrazz’, are a surefire bold and beautiful addition to any garden and landscape! This disease-resistant rose produces vibrant cherry/hot pink blooms during its blooming cycle, adding a nice contrast with its purplish green foliage. You will never get tired of the looks of this fast-growing beauty! Expect vibrant blossoms to appear in the spring and to continue until frost. It is just as attractive in the fall when its purplish green foliage and hearty stems are edged with red.

Self-cleaning, the Knock Out® Rose is a versatile, low maintenance shrub ideal for any landscape style. In fact, once planted, you can pretty much forget about having to do much to keep them thriving. These Roses have low to moderate watering needs once established and are extremely heat tolerant, so they will do well where it is hot and sunny.

Some popular landscape uses for a Knock Out® Rose include being used in bed and borders or foundation plantings. Feel free to plant in large groups to create a colorful hedge. It is a beautiful, bushy rose that looks fantastic when planted with other shrubs, annuals, and perennials in mixed beds and borders. Fragrant, showy flowers are sure to attract butterflies into a garden or landscape.

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At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have the most beautiful Rosa ‘Radrazz’ for sale, ready to transform the look of your landscape with natural beauty. Any of our nursery professionals will be glad to help you select the best Knock Out® Roses for your landscape needs!