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Lantana (Lantana)


Lantana are one of the most colorful plants used in warm climates. Seen on highways, municipal grounds, commercial property and around homes, Lantana is great for adding color to desert landscaping and tropical settings. Plant them in part to full sun and water deeply.

Trailing Lantana

Trailing Lantana are low growing, spreading varieties. Their color palette is mostly purple, white or pale yellow. These Lantana are evergreen accept in the coldest of winters.

Dwarf or Mounding Lantana

Dwarf/Mounding Lantana are small growing shrubs that hug the ground in clumps or small mounds. The most popular colors of this Lantana are Red, gold, and pink. They will bloom early and often through the warm months but cold winters will cause them to drop their foliage and then re-leaf in very early spring.

Bush Lantana

Bush Lantana are small to medium-sized shrubs that come in a wide variety of colors. The most popular are orange/red and pink. Fast growing deciduous shrubs.


Bright flowers from spring through fall

Very easy to grow in almost any situation

Rabbit and animal resistant

Attract Butterflies