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    Tropical Bird of Paradise

    Strelitzia reginae

    The Tropical Bird of Paradise is one of the most tropical shrubs one can add to their landscape for an...



    Roses are a timeless beauty and one of the most popular flowers on the planet. We carry may different...

    Leucospermum 'Moonlight'

    Leucospermum 'Moonlight'

    Leucospermum is easily recognizable by their large pin cushion style blooms with long curving pistols...

    Kangaroo Paw

    Anigozanthos hybrids

    Kangaroo Paw feature long-lasting, vibrant, velvety blooms that can bring a striking presence to any...

    Encore® Azaleas

    Rhododendron Hybrid

    Encore® Azaleas are small to large reblooming azaleas that can flower up to three times a year, so you can...

    Knock Out® Roses

    Rosa 'Radrazz'

    This disease-resistant rose produces rich cherry/hot pink blooms during its blooming cycle and delivers a...

    Kaleidoscope Abelia

    Abelia x grandiflora 'Kaleidoscope'

    Dense and compact shrub highly prized for its year-round, ever-changing colors. One of the easiest plants for...

    Carissa Holly

    Ilex cornuta 'Carissa'

    An evergreen shrub with a compact growth habit and dark glossy green leaves ideal for use as a low hedge or...

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