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    Century Plant

    Agave americana

    One of the largest available Agave, Century Plants grow a pup cluster of large blue-green leaves forming at...

    Sticks on Fire

    Euphorbia tirucalli

    Fast becoming one of our most popular varieties, Sticks on Fire have an amazing coral structure and natural...

    Gopher Plant

    Euphorbia rigida

    A unique, silvery-green upright growing succulent with a bright yellow bloom in late winter to early spring....

    Artichoke Agave

    Agave parryi var. truncata

    An attractive succulent valued for its dramatic foliage. Dazzling silver-blue leaves are abundant, and this...

    Elephant's Food

    Portulacaria afra

    Elephant food looks like Jade Plant with smaller more compact leaves.

    Hearts and Flowers

    Aptenia cordifolia

    This succulent plant makes for great ground cover in many different landscapes. Commonly referred to as...

    Ice Plant

    Delosperma nubigenum

    Ice plant is a popular low growing shrub or ground cover that can be used in many different landscape...

    Parry's Agave

    Agave parryii

    Unrivaled when it comes to sculptural beauty and character, Parry's Agave thrives in hot and dry climates....

    Murphy's Agave

    Agave murphyii

    Murphy's Agave is a slow growing Agave with blue-green to yellow leaves that form an upright rosette. Native...

    Rough Agave

    Agave scabra

    This Southwest favorite is a moderately sized agave that has thick rigid leaves and grows well in full sun....

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe barbadensis

    Aloe Vera is commonly known for its many medicinal uses, but it's also a fantastic specimen of native desert...

    Mexican Firecracker

    Echeveria setosa

    Mexican Firecracker can make your landscape pop with color. Dramatic red and yellow flowers appear, rising...

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