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Bougainvillea Afterglow

Bougainvillea Afterglow

Bougainvillea x buttiana 'Afterglow'

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  • Full sun
  • Fast growing
  • Grown as a vine or groundcover
  • Attracts humming birds and butterflies
Bougainvillea Afterglow
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Bougainvillea Afterglow

Bougainvillea x buttiana 'Afterglow'

  • Other common names Paperflower, Afterglow Bougainvillea
  • Bi-color: Orange/Peach blooms
  • Grows as a bush or on trellis
  • A favorite for birds and hummingbirds

Bougainvillea 'Afterglow' adds vibrant color to any landscape thanks to the abundant, papery, petal-like orange/peach flowers that blanket this evergreen periodically throughout the year. This hybrid bougainvillea plant is valued for its long blooming season as well as how fast it can grow. We like mass planting them, where the sight of the burst of flowers will want you to bask in the afterglow. They are also known by their botanical name, Bougainvillea x buttiana 'Afterglow,' and are an excellent choice for use in rock gardens, wall-side borders or used as ground covers for banks! These bougainvilleas are an excellent choice for all kinds of landscapes, whether you live in the city, suburbs or out in the countryside!

This Bougainvillea 'Afterglow' can thrive in both full sun or light shade, so they are ideal for our area. They also make a colorful accent for pergolas, and many people like to use them in hanging baskets too. Once established, this bougainvillea plant requires little to moderate water, and they will also have a good drought tolerance. We recommend fertilizing a couple of times a month during the growing season for the best development. Moon Valley Nurseries carries the fertilizers ideal for treating your dense soil, and they are available at our nurseries throughout the area.

Cordyline is a beautiful companion plant to Bougainvillea 'Afterglow' and we custom-grow both in our local climate, so they are ready to thrive in your landscape. Add beautiful color to your yard and reap the rewards. Plants are good for the environment and good for the soul. Our nursery pros are ready to help you handpick the perfect trees, vines, and other plants that will add plenty of curb appeal and beauty to your landscape!

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  1. Very bright color
    I love these bright colorful plants. Easily my favorite flowering plants in my landscape. The color is very bright and vibrant and stands out by creating pops of color. Can highly recommend if you need lots of color.

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