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Quarter Moon Pack CA

Quarter Moon Pack CA

  • 1 Giant Tree or Palm
  • 3 Huge Trees or Palms
  • 3 Super Trees or Palms
  • 4 Big blooming Shrubs
  • 4 Big Ground Covers
  • BONUS! 2 Jugs of Moon Juice

We can design custom packages like these for your yard!
Valid at all Southern California Area Locations.

Quarter Moon Pack CA

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Moon Valley Nurseries now offers packages to choose from, making it easier and more cost-efficient for larger purchases. These packages include everything you need to complete any sized project! Best of all our package deals are backed with our professional landscape designers and use all of our first-class trees and plants!

Now enjoy the convenience of staying home and have the Moon Valley Nurseries professional design team do all the work without you lifting a finger or even driving a car! Just purchase one of these package deals and your professional designer will call you within twenty-four hours to start the creation of your dream landscape. It couldn't be easier to get your landscaping completed and all from the comfort of your couch. Choose your package and get your new yard started today!
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