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Types of Summer Bedding Plants Ideal for AZ, CA, NV, TX, & FL

Get Summer Bedding Plant Ideas From Moon Valley Nurseries

If you’re looking for fast-growing summer bedding plants to add a splash of color to your flowerbeds, hanging baskets, or window boxes, pay a visit to your closest Moon Valley Nurseries location. Whether you live in Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, or Florida, our experts can recommend the best types of summer bedding plants that can survive the dry, warm weather found in these regions. Not only do we carry a wide selection of plants and trees at our local nurseries, but we also offer delivery, planting, maintenance, and landscape design services at competitive prices. Contact our team for more details!

What Are Summer Bedding Plants? How Long Do They Last?

If you’re a beginning gardener, you may not be familiar with the term bedding plant. Bedding plants are usually fast-growing annuals or perennials planted temporarily for display and then discarded after one season. They’re called bedding plants because they’re perfect for creating fabulous seasonal flowerbeds without a lot of work. Bedding plants are especially trendy during the summer when most people enjoy being outdoors. They add a welcoming, eye-pleasing element to any space, making them favored by many public gardens, street planters, businesses, and homeowners alike.

When Should You Plant Summer Bedding Plants in Your Yard?

The best time to plant summer bedding plants is after the last spring frost. Many gardeners switch out their cold-season annuals in favor of warm-season annuals in April or May. Summer bedding plants should last until October brings cooler temperatures and the threat of a fall frost. However, be aware that not all summer bedding plant species are hardy enough to survive the entire summer growing season.

What Are Some Planting Tips to Consider With Bedding Plants?

You’ll want to do some research to select the summer bedding plants best suited for your location’s growing conditions. If your flowerbeds receive 6-8 hours of sunshine most days, choose bedding plants for full sun. If your flowerbeds often present shady conditions, select summer bedding plants for shade. Most summer bedding plants will need at least eight inches of space in between them. Although you may think your flowerbed looks skimpy at first, keep in mind that it will eventually fill in once the plants begin to bloom. You may need to weed your flowerbeds and give back to the soil with a fertilizer or organic compost when switching out plants from season to season. Once you’ve planted your summer bedding plants, don’t forget to water them regularly, especially the first few weeks after planting, to help them establish their root systems. With the proper care, you should enjoy them all summer long.

Moon Valley’s Top Picks for Summer Flowering Bedding Plants

You have many types of summer bedding plants to choose from, depending on the specific look you’re trying to create. Most summer bedding plants are grown from seedlings or transplants. If you’re not sure where to begin, talk to the friendly experts at Moon Valley Nurseries for summer bedding plant ideas to bring your landscape together. We would be happy to recommend summer bedding plants for shade as well as bedding plants for full sun the next time you pay us a visit. For the best results, consider our professional landscape design services to skillfully arrange your summer bedding plants in relation to the rest of your trees, flowers, shrubs, and ornamental grasses. Here are our top picks for summer flowering bedding plants that are versatile, colorful, and hardy enough to withstand the summer heat:

  • Begonias: Because they thrive in both sunny and shady conditions, begonias are versatile summer bedding plants. Usually red, pink, or white in color, begonias are compact, attractive, and long-blooming. Thanks to their impressive blooms, begonias make an excellent addition to any flowerbed, border, hanging basket, window box, or container. You can even store tuberous varieties over the winter to reuse them again.
  • Geraniums: Geraniums come in upright, climbing, and trailing varieties for all your growing needs. They’re ideal for flowerbeds, borders, hanging baskets, and containers. Select geraniums in shades of purple, pink, red, or white to add a gorgeous splash of color to any space. Geraniums love to soak up the sun and can withstand hot, dry conditions, making them perfect for your Southwestern landscape.
  • Petunias: Petunias have an unusual trumpet shape beloved by flower enthusiasts of all ages. Available in many bright colors and patterns, petunias look great anywhere you wish to plant them. Petunias are heat-tolerant, making them ideal in locations with hot, dry summers. Be sure to give them plenty of water, as the compost tends to dry out faster than the garden soil when they’re planted in containers.
  • Cosmos: Cosmos are saucer-shaped with wispy fern-like foliage and slender stems to create a charming cottage look in your flowerbed display. Cosmos colors range from pinks, reds, and whites to fiery oranges and yellows. With the proper care, cosmos should bloom from mid-summer to mid-autumn. Many gardeners like cosmos because they attract butterflies and bees to their yard, which is great for pollination.
  • Californian Poppies: Every gardener looking for vibrant summer bedding plants should consider Californian poppies. While they were primarily orange in summers past, new breeding techniques have produced brilliant shades of yellow, red, pink, and even apricot in recent years. Californian poppies thrive in full-sun areas with poor, dry soil, making them perfect for their namesake state and surrounding areas like Nevada and Arizona.
  • Lobelia: Lobelia plants come in pretty shades of violet, blue, and white for a relaxed look in your flowerbed, hanging basket, or patio container. They’re easy to grow, as long as you give them a sunny location. Lobelia blend well with other types of summer bedding plants and are long-flowering, so that you can enjoy them all summer. Upright varieties are available to plant along borders and bed edges.
  • Impatiens (Busy Lizzies): One of the most popular annual flowers, impatiens are prized for their brightly colored, long-lasting blooms and their ability to grow in the shade. Impatiens come in pink, violet, white, red, coral, and yellow to complement any landscaping design scheme. You’ll find beautiful impatiens blooming in many window boxes, hanging baskets, and summer flowerbeds across the United States.
  • Snapdragons: Snapdragons have long, mouth-like flowers that open when squeezed to add visual appeal to any flowerbed display. They prefer sunny conditions and are easy to maintain. Certain varieties can grow up to a meter in height to help you add depth and dimension to your bed, border, or container. A good source of nectar, snapdragons attract bumblebees and other pollinators. They also smell really sweet.
  • Sweet Peas: Anyone looking for summer bedding plants that look fresh from a fairytale cottage can’t go wrong with sweet peas. Sweet peas are prized for their enchanting fragrance as much as their appearance. Sweet peas are often used as edging or borders around flowerbeds, but they’re also perfect as cut bouquets. Sweet peas are heat-resistant, producing large blooms of all colors you can smell all summer long.
  • Rudbeckias: Also known as coneflowers, rudbeckias bloom from July to October and come in many cheerful colors, including yellow, red, and orange. Not only will they look great in your flowerbed display, but rudbeckias also last a long time as cut flowers in indoor vases. From tall to compact, they come in many varieties to suit any preferences you have for your annual flowerbed displays.

Call or Visit Moon Valley Nurseries for Bedding Plant Ideas

If you could use summer bedding plant ideas this year, feel free to contact Moon Valley Nurseries. With locations across Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas, and Florida, we’re experts in finding the best types of summer bedding plants to withstand the dry summer heat. We would be happy to recommend bedding plants based on visual appeal and budgetary and maintenance concerns. We want to help you get the most bang for your buck while creating beautiful, colorful seasonal displays. Come see us today!