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Japanese Privet Tree

Japanese Privet Tree

Ligustrum japonicum

  • Bright white blossoms during spring
  • Ideal for a flowering yet clean tree
  • Evergreen canopy provides year-round shade
  • Lower maintenance & easy to grow!
Japanese Privet Tree

Japanese Privet Tree

Ligustrum japonicum

The Japanese Privet, Ligustrum japonicum, is a small to medium tree that can bring natural beauty to a wide range of Southwestern landscapes. Native to China, Korea, and Japan, this evergreen tree is a moderate to fast grower and great for use as a privacy screen, lawn tree or as a windbreak. It will require moderate watering and will thrive with full sun exposure or partial shade. A round-headed tree with a dense shade capacity, it is also a great choice when you want shade for small areas. It is good for patio planting, too. Homeowners will appreciate the versatile landscape uses of this tree.

The Japanese Privet or Glossy Privet has no shortage of beautiful attributes that can increase your property value. It features broad, glossy, dark green leaves. It is drought tolerant, heat tolerant and cold hardy, making it a great candidate for landscapes across the Southwest. In fact, this tree is particularly popular in Texas and California.

In the late spring, fragrant white flowers bloom in large clusters, creating an attractive scene. If you love hummingbirds, you will love this tree. You will see hummingbirds and other pollinators attracted to the beautiful flowers of the Japanese Privet. Attractive, ornamental blueberries follow the flowers, creating a nice striking contrast with the foliage. However, these berries are strictly for looks, they are not edible. Bird watchers will be happy to know that birds are attracted to this tree, too.

Feel free to speak with a Moon Valley Nurseries pro for placement ideas. We offer design consultation services that can help guide you on what to do with your yard and where to plant one of these attractive Japanese Privet Trees. Moon Valley Nurseries offers vibrant, healthy and beautiful trees for sale. You buy it - we can deliver and plant it!

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