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  • Easy to grow!
  • Excellent landscape tree
  • Can provide beautiful color in the spring and help shade your yard in the summer
  • We carry low-chill apple trees

Moon Valley Nurseries has taken the guesswork out and only carries the best low chill apple varieties for our area. Our western apple trees include Anna, Dorsett (Golden), Fuji, and Beverly Hills, which are all excellent tasting, crispy and juicy! Homegrown fruit is better than store bought, take a bite, the proof is in the taste. Besides the taste, you can always have the satisfaction of growing them organically, which can also save you money. Growing an apple orchard can also provide beautiful color to your yard in the spring and can help shade your yard during the bright and hot summer days.

Apple trees thrive in a spot with full sun exposure. If you don’t have much space in your yard, you may want to consider the Beverly Hills variety, which is an ultra-dwarf tree ideal for smaller yards. Of course, the Fuji apple is one of the sweetest varieties, making it an excellent choice for snacking or in salads. Dorsett apples are also called the Golden Delicious, and it’s easy to see why – one crunchy bite will have you hooked on their distinctive, aromatic taste! Anna apples store well and taste delicious, whether eaten fresh, used in homemade pies, or using them as sweet baked apples!

No matter which apple you choose, you can rest assured that our low-chill varieties are easy to grow and can bear fruit that will have you toasting to good health in no time! If you are thinking about creating an edible landscape, Moon Valley Nurseries has got you covered with the best reliable fruit trees you will find anywhere!

Call or visit your nearest Moon Valley Nurseries location to see what we have in stock.

The varieties listed below grow best in the areas listed.


Dorsett (Golden)


Beverly Hills


Allow to grow free form, too much pruning effects bloom cycles

A great landscape tree!

Easy to grow