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Avocado (Persea americana)



Avocado trees, Persia americana, is a rapid-growing, medium-sized, evergreen tree with a bounty of benefits. More than an excellent shade provider, These trees are prized for their edible fruit. Whether you eat them whole, press them for oil, or make your own guacamole, having your very own fruit-producing avocado tree is sure to be a hit at home.

The best place in America to grow avocados is right here in Southern California. In fact, Avocado trees love the Southern California climate! At Moon Valley Nurseries, we grow and nurture the most popular varieties, including Hass avocado trees, Bacon, Fuerte and Zutano.

Avocado trees thrive in full sun, which is why you see so many thriving avocado trees growing right here at Moon Valley Nurseries. These trees are are a treat for all the senses. In addition to the nutrient dense edible fruit, you also get an attractive, shade-producing tree that can cool you off during those bright, sunny days.

With ample water, avocado trees can grow to a medium size with eye-pleasing dark green foliage that gives a pleasing aroma when crushed. We recommend planting a few Avocado trees for the best production and Moon Valley Nurseries offers free professional planting to help make this easier. As great as the fruit is, these trees are nice to look at too. These shade trees will look great on a variety of landscape styles. Other than the occasional regular maintenance that any tree would require, homeowners will appreciate just how easy these are to grow and care for.

Plant a few avocado trees on your property. One of our nursery pros will be happy to suggest the best placement. Of course, you can always let our professional landscape crew do all the work. One thing is certain, once the harvest period begins, you can start saving money and toasting to good healthy eating.

Moon Valley Nurseries is proud to grow and nurture vibrant, healthy Avocado trees. You buy it, we deliver and plant it! It's that easy!


A great landscape tree!

Full sun

Great shade tree that needs little to no maintenance