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Blood Orange Tree (Citrus sinensis ‘Moro’)


Blood Orange Tree

Citrus sinensis ‘Moro’

  • Blood oranges are prized for their delicious and distinctive taste, pulp, and sweet rind
  • Flavorful and juicy!
  • Easy to grow
  • Low-maintenance
  • Very cold hardy

Do you love the taste of a sweet orange? How about the satisfying feeling of growing your pesticide-free, herbicide-free oranges? Plant one or more Blood Orange trees in your yard and you too can enjoy the distinctive taste of the Moro Blood Orange! One bite and you are hooked by the taste that some say is like that of a strawberry or raspberry. The Citrus sinensis ‘Moro’ is the orange with the red flesh that is ideal for juicing, cooking, or eating right off the tree! This tree is a must-have in any citrus orchard and is a beautiful addition to any landscape in Houston. In fact, in spring, they put on a delightful show when the highly fragrant blossoms fill the air with a pleasing citrus scent! We also like to use them as a focal point or to block unwanted views.

Take your landscape to the next level when you buy Blood Orange tree companions such as Crape Myrtles and other showy plants that add instant curb appeal. These are very ornamental trees that stay small, so we like to plant them in any spot in the landscape that gets plenty of full exposure. These evergreen trees are sure to bring year-round interest and can bear fruit in their first year! They get bonus points for their low maintenance, and once established, have little to moderate water requirements.

Moon Valley Nurseries has the Blood Orange tree for sale custom-grown and nurtured by our nursery pros so that we can assure their quality for the juiciest and sweetest citrus you will find anywhere. These are very popular citrus fruit trees for our area, so be sure to visit any of our Houston nurseries today to handpick the perfect tree for the perfect spot in your yard! Grow your own citrus and toast to eating healthier!


Easy to grow and establish

Low maintenance

Cold Hardy