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Royal Blenheim Apricot (Prunus amerniaca ‘Blenheim’)


Royal Blenheim Apricot

Prunus amerniaca ‘Blenheim’

  • Deep yellow and orange fruit
  • Fast fruit producer
  • Self-fertile
  • Cold hardy
  • Sweet, aromatic and full of intense apricot flavor!

People all over the world love Royal Blenheim Apricots and for good reason, they are considered to be the most succulent and flavorful fruits! As an added bonus, this variety blooms earlier than any other apricot tree, with medium to large sized fruit appearing in almost record time. Anyone will be able to pick a bounty of these delicious apricots in early summer. And since they are self-fertile, they do not require any cross-pollinators.

One bite and it’s easy to see why homegrown apricots are so much better than those you buy at the store. Growing your own means you are in control, so anyone can grow these amazingly sweet tasting fruits without the use of any pesticides.

Blenheim apricot trees are also an attractive addition to any landscape. These small to medium sized trees grow at a medium rate with bright green foliage and showy, fragrant white/light pink flowers that add to its showpiece features. We like to plant them near windows, so the fragrance can fill the room with a pleasing scent. They can provide a good amount of shade too!

Royal Blenheim Apricot trees love full sun exposure and have low to moderate watering needs once established. Use them for an edible landscape or as an attractive fruit-bearing ornamental tree in your backyard. No matter how you choose to use them, if you love apricots, you will want this tree!

Big Tex Tree Nurseries custom-grows these apricot trees and we have them available at their already fruit-producing age. There are so many uses for apricots and we are sure that you’ll love our premium quality trees with superior genetics. Begin harvesting fresh fruit in the comfort of your own backyard!


Cold Hardy

Flowers produce a sweet and inviting aroma