Gold Variety Peach

Gold Variety Peach

Prunus persica 'Garden Gold'

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100% of 100
  • Full sun
  • Blooms for beautiful spring color
  • 104,000 TREES IN STOCK NOW
Gold Variety Peach

Gold Variety Peach

  • Gold color with red blush
  • Time and time again a proven fruit bearer!
  • Good juicy flavor
  • Great for canning, preserves, and eating straight off the tree

The Gold Variety Peach is a favorite throughout the world. People love them for canning, making preserves, and eating straight off the tree! The best way to ensure you get the juiciest peaches is to grow your own. By growing your own you can ensure that you are in control of what you eat. Feel better about knowing where your fruit comes from. Why buy peaches covered in pesticides if you don't need to? Go organic! Moon Valley Nurseries offers Gold Variety peach trees available in a variety of sizes, including some at fruit producing age. Eat a peach and enjoy this summertime favorite when you want them!

Our Gold Variety Peach trees love to grow in Houston, which is great news for our area! These trees look good in any landscape too. They feature attractive green foliage that adds a nice splash of color and contrasts beautifully with the golden fruit. We like to plant two or more peach trees, especially bigger specimens to block unwanted views. We also recommend planting more than one because pollinating partners can increase the size of your crops! Of course, you can still plant just one and you'll still get plenty of fruit!

With proper fertilizer, Gold Variety Peach trees will explode with growth. Moon Valley Nurseries has teamed up with the top fertilizer-producing nursery to design ideal fertilizers, supplements, liquids, and pellets ideal for treating Houston's dense soil with the nutrients and vitamins essential for growing a beautiful landscape.

Our professional planting and delivery service will get any sized order planted into your landscape and treated with specialized fertilizers that get your plants growing just right. We love to do the work!

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