Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

Malus domestica ‘Red Delicious’

  • Full Sun
  • Medium size tree
  • Vibrant red fruit
  • Juicy, sweet-tasting, crisp white flesh
  • Beautiful early spring blooms
  • Self-fruiting
Red Delicious Apple

The Red Delicious Apple tree is a beautiful tree to have in any landscape, giving you something to admire nearly year-round. These medium-sized trees produce large deep red apples with juicy, crisp white flesh. Nothing can be more rewarding than growing your own sustainable fruit right in your backyard. The Red Delicious Apple Tree work very well in our climate, and all grown locally to give you the best-tasting fruit right from your tree to table.  

Red Delicious Apple trees are easy to care for and work in nearly all landscape settings, these trees produce color nearly year-round, from dark branching, vibrant foliage, beautiful blooms, and large sweet apples. Being small to medium-sized trees gives you many options on where in your landscape to plant these. They can also be planted with other types of fruit and citrus to help you create your own sustainable landscape.  These trees begin blooming in late winter to early spring depending on the climate. Offering large clusters of showy white pink blooms these trees add beauty along with the benefits of producing delicious apples. Like all fruit trees, the Red Delicious Apple requires regular watering and fertilization in order to produce the best-tasting fruit. Once established these trees become low to moderate water users.

Growing your own fruit means you’re the main part of the process. You'll feel better knowing exactly where your fruit is produced plus get the satisfaction that comes with growing your own fruit!  At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have the apple. fig, citrus and fruit trees you need to get started on an edible producing landscape. So, start growing your own today and taste the difference!

Ask our pros about the Red Delicious Apple trees and other great fruit trees.  Come to visit any of our Moon Valley Nurseries and our professionals can help with an apple tree or starting an entire orchard! Be sure to maintain optimum health for all your trees, plants and more with Moon Valley’s custom-blended fertilizers and nutrients like Moon Dust, Supercharged Moon Juice, Moon Green and more.

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