Royal Lee Cherry

Royal Lee Cherry

Prunus avium ‘Royal Lee’

  • Medium to large cherry clusters
  • Extra sweet cherry
  • Medium to rich red skin
  • Reliable production
  • Medium size tree
  • Low-chill hours required
Royal Lee Cherry

This newer, ultra-sweet yet delicious cherry requires very low winter cooling and is ideal for reliable production here in our area. Look for beautiful cherry blossoms in the late winter to early spring with bunches of fruit usually at optimum ripeness by mid to late May depending on the weather during the period. For best pollination and fruit production plant in close proximity to a different cherry variety. (Minnie Royal is recommended).

Royal Lee Cherry trees flourish in full sun (afternoon shade in warmer micro-climates) and once established will require only medium watering. These are attractive small to medium-size trees with rich green foliage intermixed with bright red fruit that adds a nice display of color into any landscape. Adding to their ornamental features is the coat of snow-white blossoms that arrive in spring. They're an ideal size tree for most yards and can even be grown in larger containers or pots.

Growing your own fruit means you manage how they’re maintained. You'll feel better knowing exactly where your food is produced plus get the sense of pride that comes with growing your own fruit!  At Moon Valley Nurseries, we have the citrus and fruit trees you want to get started on an edible producing landscape. So, get growing your own today and taste the difference!

Enjoy years of cherry production with the Royal Lee cherry tree. Come to visit any of our Moon Valley Nurseries and our professionals can help with a cherry tree or starting your own orchard! Be sure to maintain optimum health for all your trees, plants and more with Moon Valley’s custom-blended fertilizers and nutrients like Moon Dust, Supercharged Moon Juice, Moon Green and more.

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