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Sweet Acacia

Sweet Acacia

Acacia smallii

BAR CODE#: 0003774882619
  • Fragrant golden puffballs appear in spring and late fall that hold on the tree for long periods of time
  • Extremely durable specimens built to thrive in the desert climate
  • Dark green foliage with bright yellow flowers
  • Very tough plant in full sun and drought tolerant
Sweet Acacia

Sweet Acacia Tree

Acacia smallii

Sweet Acacia, botanical name Acacia smallii, is an attractive, drought tolerant, small to medium size tree that adds colorful beauty to any Southwestern landscape. From Mexico and the Southwestern United States, this captivating species features fragrant, powder puff-like golden-yellow flowers that bloom in early to mid-spring, attracting pollinators, birds and butterflies into your garden. Its dark green foliage adds a nice contrast with the bright yellow flowers, making it a good choice for use as a focal landscape tree.

Once established, Sweet Acacia will require low to moderate water use and is a great choice for landscapes no matter where you live in the Southwest. It will thrive with full to partial sun exposure and is an excellent choice for a wide range of landscape styles, including xeriscape.

Homeowners may want to plant a Sweet Acacia tree in an open area or use it as a courtyard specimen. A bigger tree will have a lush, thick canopy of dark green leaves. Plant one or two specimens close together and it can provide a good amount of shade in your backyard. Feel free to plant a mature specimen near a room that gets too much sun and you might be able to keep your home cool without having to turn on the AC!

Moon Valley Nurseries recommends buying as big as you can for instant shade and beauty. We grow and nurture the finest Sweet Acacia trees on our farms, ready to thrive in your landscape. With its showy fragrant flowers, dark brown trunk, and upright stature, it's easy to see why this Sweet Acacia tree is such a popular addition to landscapes across the Southwest. While you're here, ask us about a free design consultation.

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